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Our Management Team > Riccardo Capelvenere

Riccardo Capelvenere

Executive Director 


Mr. Riccardo Capelvenere, Executive Director, is the Responsible Officer of the Company. Mr. Capelvenere oversees financing, accounting and IT functions of the Company. He possesses over 20 years of relevant experience in the financial industry and more than 15 years of portfolio management experience. Before joining the Company, Mr. Capelvenere had been the Responsible Officer of Powership Capital Management Limited since Apr 2017. Prior to Powership Capital, Mr. Capelvenere posted senior positions at UCAP Hong Kong Asset Management, Quaternion Capital Management, JCH Capital Management LLP and Goldman Sachs. Mr. Capelvenere obtained a Bachelor Degree of Engineering majoring in Aeronautical Engineering in from City University of London in 1991. 

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